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The manufacturing facility of BONOIL SEEDS is equipped with modern technology. The production line is completely automated and includes cleaning, calibrating, hulling, sorting, packaging and storage. The technical equipment corresponds to the demand in modern agriculture and provides fast and efficient work- reason for the good policy of the company.

For four years the company has doubled its production capacity.

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Storage silos

The quality control starts when we receive the seeds which come in trucks.

After we have checked the quality, the seeds go into the storage silos.

There are 30 temperature points in each silo which guarantee permanent 24 h temperature control for proper storage.


Processing part

In the processing part, there are several machines which clean and calibrate, hull and color sort the seeds.



Processing Part

The X-Ray and S+S German metal detector ensure all metals are excluded so the final product is ready.


Quality Assurance

During the process, the laboratory specialists take samples every hour per day to guarantee excellent quality of the final product.

The analysis of sunflower seeds with the first intake helps us determine the product`s characteristics and classify them accordingly.



Our sunflower kernels are available in different packaging according to customer`s requirements, with label- our standard or label with client`s design, on EURO pallets ( 80/ 100 cm.) or UK pallets ( 100/ 120 cm.) or US pallets ( 40/ 48 inches), well stacked and strech for long distance transit, the sunflower kernels are ready to export. We offer:​

  • Paper bags- three layers ( natural and white colour ) - 20 kg / 41 lbs ;  22,68 kg / 50 lbs ;  25 kg / 55 lbs ;
  • ​Big Bags - polypropylene - 907 kg / 2000 lbs ;  1000 kg / 2205 lbs ;  1025 kg / 2260 lbs ;  1083 kg / 2388 lbs ;

We may offer another type of packaging according to our customer`s requirements and specifications.


Safe storing

The packed sunflower kernels are stored in a warehouse which has a constant temperature and pest control systems. The kernels are stored in a way that secures them from destruction, on pallets, in clean and dry areas, protected from light and moisture.

Optimal storage conditions:

  • maximum temperature:  20`C
  • maximum humidity: 70 %

The warehouse holds 1000 tones of goods.




We provide good transport service and correct loading of the goods for safe and fast delivery of the products.

The factory is conveniently located just 100 km. from the port of Burgas, reducing transportation time and cost.

Constant support and competitive prices are assured.

Spedition- we offer  EXW, CFR, CIF, DAP, FOB  or all types of Incoterms 2015.